Nothing is more rewarding than having a clean, dust-free home!

Do you know ...

​​it is recommended to regularly replace your vacuum filters?

This is especially true for your bagless vacuums!  

What is the most common problem with bagless vacuums?  

Filthy clogged air filters and air passages.  

Instead of having a big paper bag filtering out the dust and other allergens, bagless units rely on relatively small filters, which get clogged fast. Once clogged, not only do you lose the suction of the vacuum cleaner, but also you would be breathing in dirty air!!  

Filters are important for keeping bagless vacuums strong.  It is CRITICAL and strongly advised by vacuum experts to replace the foam/felt filter every 3 months or the HEPA filter every 6 months!


Not all filters are created equal!

At GreenVacShop, we focus on bringing you high-efficienty, superior-quality vacuum filters!  

We are a small business located at Kirkland, WA.  Our first line of products include vacuum filter sets for a series of Shark* and Bissell* vacuums. For months, we work with a dedicated manufacturer to produce exactly the same filters you would get in your original Shark* and Bissell* vacuums. 

Our foam filter has a density of 60 PPI, our felt filter is ultra-thick (~5cm) with a textured surface, and our HEPA filter comes with H12 efficiency.  We strive to produce the best filters to trap the most dust and allergens!  Please visit our product page for details, or compare our filters side-by-side with those from other after-market brands.   You will see the difference!  

We take pride in our products and use them ourselves! As we expand, more vacuum filters will be added to our offerings!

* Registered trademark of vacuum manufacturer 

Shark* XFF 350 Foam/Felt

Shark* XFF350 XHF350 Foam/Felt/HEPA

Shark* XFF 500
XHF 500

Shark* XFFV300 

Shark Navigator Lift-Away XFF350
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Bissell* 1866 CrossWave Filters

Shark* XFFH380 


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At GreenVacShop, we stand behind the quality of our products.  If you are not happy with your purchase, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]  We will get things corrected for you or offer a Full Refund!  Please note we honor the manufacturer warranty exclusively to sales through GreenVacShop.  Purchases made through unauthorized re-sellers are not covered under this warranty.
Inquiries about our product line?  Questions about using your new vacuum filters?  We can be reached at [email protected]



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GreenVacShop is a small business located at Kirkland, WA.  We started the business when our own vacuums at home lost suction after months of usage, and we were unable to find a good-quality replacement filter at a reasonable price!  We believe in quality and value and want to share our products with you!
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